Two Part Styrene Free
Multi Purpose Pourable Resin


  • Styrene free resin system
  • Made from 58% recycled material
  • Fast and easy repairs to dangerous cracked concrete
  • For anchoring in of posts, large bolts, pillars etc.


Product Description

Metolux Metoset Pourable Styrene Free is a two-part free
mix rapid curing concrete repair resin and concrete
anchoring system.

Specially formulated for extreme high strength in compression
and tension, it is ideal for applications such as anchoring
large bolts, starter bars and machinery installations.

The product has the unique packaging system which houses the
pre-mixed aggregate and resin for fast, clean and easy mixing.

Typical Uses
  • Repairs to large cracks in concrete surfaces requiring a
    self-leveling characteristics or difficult to reach areas.
  • Bedding-in coping stones, concrete units, steel, concrete or
    wooden posts.
  • Anchoring threaded steel bolts into solid surfaces, typically
    cementitious surfaces

Stir the contents of the resin tin thoroughly before use.
Remove the cardboard dividing card from the container.
Add all of the contents resin tin to the aggregate and mix
until all the resin is incorporated into the aggregate and
an even consistency is achieved


Concrete Repair: Remove all the debris and dust from
the area to be repaired. Prior to application the surface
must be clean, dry and sound.

Anchoring: Drill hole to correct diameter and depth. After
drilling ensure that all debris is removed from the hole
by way of a steel brush an push pump. The anchoring bars
should be free from oil, grease or flaking rust.

The product can be poured directly into the appropriate
area. This product should not be applied below -5°C.

Coverage Calculation:

(length (cm) x width (cm) x depth (cm))
= Required Litres of Product

This product should be stored between +5°C & +25°C. Shelf Life: minimum 12 months
Pack SizePallet
3.1 litres